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Female vegan hero rangers, the kākāpō ejaculation helmet and how would a snake hold a knife?..

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All-female (and sometimes all-vegan) ranger teams are an innovative and potentially more effective way to defend wildlife, says the founder of the International Anti-Poaching Foundation. Women typically invest a higher proportion of their earnings in their families and communities than men. Article

A UN expert has released a report heavily criticising ‘fortress conservation’, a model based on the belief that biodiversity protection is best achieved by creating protected areas where ecosystems can function in isolation from human disturbance. The report argues that a new model is needed in which rights and powers for indigenous communities play a central role. Article

Co-working startup (and Conservation Guide investor) Wework announced that - due to environmental reasons - it will no longer serve meat at events or allow employees to expense meals with it. We will see increasing divestment from meat and fossil fuels as climate change bites, and we will all have to make uncomfortable sacrifices. Article

The UK’s CO2 emissions are now back to 1890 levels. Image

Despite that, the UK’s top climate adviser says politicians are 'failing to rise to the challenge of climate change’. The UK is on track to miss its legally binding carbon budgets in 2025 and 2030, due to lack of progress in cutting emissions from buildings and transport. Article

Nevertheless, Theresa May has just announced a bill that sets out a legal framework for the government’s promise to leave the environment in a better state over the next 25 years. Article

In the US, CO2 emissions could jump following the EPA’s ongoing deregulation of the coal industry and its emissions. Article

The NYT has published a comprehensive list of 76 environmental rules on the way out under Tump Article

The Trump administration making it difficult for your climate science project to get funded? Come to France, says Emmanuel Macron. Article

Meanwhile, the man himself was greeted by 250k protesters in London and a special Greenpeace welcome on his own golf course in Scotland. (Red) hats off! Video

Adidas has committed to using only recycled plastic in its products by 2024. Expect other sportswear brands to follow. Article

In other recycling news, some UK festivals are trialling a plastic bottle deposit / return scheme using vending machines. Article

Coral reefs thrive next to rat-free islands. A new study has found that an easy way to improve reef health could be to eradicate rats from islands, meaning more bird life and rich guano that can fertilise the reef. Article

Australia bulldozed half a million hectares of forest in the Great Barrier Reef catchment area between 2012 and 2016. Poor environmental record and poor policies down under. Article

Nestlé have been suspended from the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil. Just one story that barely scratches the surface of the shadowy and out-of-control palm oil industry. Article

Seven black rhinos died during relocation attempt in Kenya. Its is believed they drank water containing high levels of salt, which led to salt poisoning. There are around 5,500 left. Article

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New feature: be the first Conservation Guide customer! Blog

Lily Steele, Founder of the online eco-conscious lifestyle resource, WildeNest tells us of her experiences swimming with dolphins and how conservation needs to be taught more in schools. Interview

👀 Media

Ten species of shark coming to the UK as waters warm. Gallery

The bearded ghoul / demon stinger up close! Video

Beyond Blue ocean exploration video game. Video

An Atlantic Bluefin Tuna weighing close to 1000 pounds feeding on a piece of herring in the chilly, green waters of Canada's Gulf of St. Lawrence. Image

The Kakapo ejaculation helmet. Image

Don’t mess with coots. Video

Mama polecat has had enough. Video

Another wonderful moth. Image

Insect of the day: A titchy South American treehopper (Cyphonia clavata) whose elaborate pronotum is a fake ant. The imitated 'ant' head faces towards the back of the treehopper. Image

🦑 Learn Something

How would a snake hold a knife? Well that depends if they’re arboreal or fossorial. Image

Species evolve more than twice as fast at poles as in tropics. Article

Warmer Earth = less frequent, but heavier rainstorms. Tweet

Cephalopods can edit their own DNA. Article

Map of world fishing footprint. Map

Is the global era of massive infrastructure projects coming to an end? Article

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Help protect the Antarctic Ocean. Petition

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