Under The Spotlight: Lily Steele

Lily Steele, Founder of the online eco-conscious lifestyle resource, WildeNest tells us of her experiences swimming with dolphins and how conservation needs to be taught more in schools.

Lily Steele

In this weeks edition of Under The Spotlight we talk with a very inspirational woman, Lily Steele. Lily is the Founder of WildeNest, an online eco-conscious lifestyle resource which encourages you to explore and learn how to integrate more nature into your life, from fitness and food to personal and home care. Lily also works as a Business Builder for Startle where she helps to develop social impact enterprises that lift people out of poverty in Africa and help protect the environment.

Lets see what Lily had to say as she went, under the spotlight...🔦

What inspired you to get involved in conservation and the environment?

My mum instilled a huge love and respect for the environment, particularly animals, in us from a young age. From rescuing baby birds as a child to volunteering in the Costa Rican rainforest - seeing first hand who and what you're helping is the greatest inspiration.

If you could change one thing to make a huge impact on the planet, what would it be?

Restoring the natural order of marine and terrestrial ecosystems, for example reintroducing apex predators on land and banning shark and whale hunting. Human health is directly related to environmental health, which is ultimately governed by the presence of a few key species, a phenomenon known as the trophic cascade.

What needs to be improved in the conservation industry?

Education programmes across schools and initiatives to include children and young adults in the conservation effort. Incorporating conservation initiatives into school curriculum's would drive our future generations to do better than us.

Do you have a memorable encounter with nature/animal?

Swimming with wild dolphins in the Big Island, Hawaii. A mother and baby circled me three times, and being surrounded by the entire pod was a pretty life changing experience.

Conservation role model?

Rob Stewart, shark conservationist who exposed the extent of the shark finning industry in his documentary Sharkwater. Sadly he died last year but I believe his work has probably saved a lot of sharks by highlighting such a devastating issue.

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