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What is Conservation Guide?

We are a marketplace for quality conservation experiences

We list quality opportunities around the world that provide you with knowledge, skills and experience in conservation.

Search your passion

Tell us your favourite animal, place, habitat - anything you really care about in the environment.

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Who is it for?


Whether you’re a casual bird-lover or have a PhD in dolphin communication, we’ll connect you with amazing organisations worldwide to take your passion further.


Search and book conservation experiences around world that suit you to the smallest detail.


Develop your skills and experience, and build your career as a conservationist.


Let our global community know what you thought of your experiences.

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Tackle the big issues

Experiences are organised so that you can focus on solving specific problems. How would you like to help?

Species recovery

Help wildlife survive and thrive, whether it's under the sea or deep in the rainforest.

Habitat recovery

Preserve and promote vital habitats needed for wildlife to flourish.

Climate change

Work to protect ecosystems vulnerable to the effects of climatic changes.


From beach clean-ups to cutting emissions, find sustainable solutions to removing and reducing waste.


Work on important questions that improve our understanding of the natural world.


Get involved in initiatives that benefit not only wildlife but also the people that live alongside them.


“Excellent program, located in paradise!”


“The perfect combination of biodiversity surveying experience and community driven conservation efforts.”


“This was the best managed conservation project I have experienced!”


Conservation Guide helps you get noticed and find committed volunteers or participants for your project.


Upload your project and get noticed by conservationists from around the world.


Collect reviews from previous customers and connect with new ones.


Quickly and easily accept bookings.

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Why did we start Conservation Guide?

We want to:


Protect & promote biodiversity

The world has lost 58% of its biodiversity in the last 40 years. Conservation Guide makes it easy for people to get involved in the solution.


Lower barriers to entry

Our goal is to provide opportunities that help you become a better conservationist no matter your skill or experience level.


Improve opportunities

Life can be hard for conservationists if they can't find suitable opportunities. Our plan is to work with conservationists and key partners to improve their quality and quantity.


Increase trust and transparency

Conservationists rightly have a lack of trust in many volunteering organisations. We want to fix that by encouraging transparency and only listing quality experiences that pass our selection criteria.


Seed investor

Global co-working space Wework invested $18k in January 2018.

Award winning

Winner of the Incubate category at the Wework Creator Awards London 2017.

What's the latest news?

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