About Us

We are an eco-startup tackling biodiversity loss

Conservation Guide is an eco-startup tackling biodiversity loss by making conservation work more accessible to people of any experience level.

Our platform is a marketplace for quality conservation experiences, allowing people to search, review and book opportunities with environmental organisations around the world.

We were founded in 2014 by Justin & Will, two friends from Nottingham University who share a passion for the living planet.

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What's our mission?

To train & educate a new generation of citizen conservationists

We want to achieve this by making global conservation efforts:

More transparent

Provide tools that help you find the best and most responsible organisations to work with.

More accessible

Make it easier to get involved in conservation, no matter your experience level

More connected

Provide a platform that connects a community of committed organisations and conservationists.

Justin Lennon


London, UK

Biologist & Environmental Scientist

Experienced Volunteer and Conservationist

PADI Divemaster

Spicy food connoisseur

Justin has 10 years experience working both professionally and voluntarily in conservation. His experiences in environmental research and practical conservation field work led him to the creation of Conservation Guide. Justin is responsible for finding great organisations and bringing them to the platform.

Will Morley

CTO & Co-Founder

Amsterdam, NL

UI/UX Designer

Front End Developer

PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer


Will is the designer and co-creator of Conservation Guide. He believes most human beings are ecological at heart, and can be inspired to promote the environment if they have access to the right tools, opportunities and education. Will has excellent fish ID skills and a soft spot for megafauna.



Tree planting service

Barcelona, Spain

Conservation Guide teamed up with Tree Nation to help reforestion projects around the world and to help offset our carbon footprint.

Sea Going Green

Ecotourism consultancy

Amsterdam, Netherlands

We partnered up with Sea Going Green to help empower the tourism industry to protect the marine environment.

Conservation Careers

Career Advice Centre

Oundle, UK

We allied with Conservation Careers to help conservationists develop and progress their skills in the sector.


Conservation skill development platform

Cornwall, UK

We joined forces with WildTeam to help conservationists design and deliver amazing conservation projects.

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