Flexible deposits

Find a better experience? No worries.

We give you freedom to change your mind

Nothing worse than feeling locked in to something you don't want to do anymore. Every time you book through Conservation Guide, if your plans change or even if you find something better, we let you reuse your deposit for something else.

Here's how it works:


Make booking and pay deposit

Let's say you book Project A and pay the 10% deposit. Then, your plans change, or you just find Project B more appealing...


Let us know you want to change

Send us a message - let us know the situation and that you want to switch to Project B (provided you have been accepted by them)...


We apply your deposit to the new experience

We'll get your booking for Project B sorted for you. If the Project B deposit is more than Project A, you simply pay the difference.


Enjoy your new experience

That's it, nothing left to do now but pack your bags and enjoy!