🐺 The Leafcutter: No. 30

School strike rolls on, wolf comeback stories, and what's a numbat? (Photo: Reddit)

Will Morley
CTO & Co-Founder
Conservation Guide

Amsterdam, NL

Welcome to The Leafcutter a weekly roundup of everything interesting in conservation and the environment, cut out from the internet and taken back to the nest to grow into a nutritious news fungus.

β€πŸŒ News‍

The School Strike for Climate rolls on. View a map of the strikes worldwide

Meanwhile, Greta Thunberg tells EU: your climate targets need doubling. Love the speech. Article

The UN has published a study highlighting the growing threat to food from decline in biodiversity. Article

Majority of European firms have no CO2 reduction targets. Article

Deforestation in the Colombian Amazon reached record highs in 2017 and 2018. Article

Spectacled flying fox declared endangered after Queensland heatwave wipeout. Article

Wild wolves are making comeback in Germany. Article

A female wolf has also settled in the Netherlands, and may have a mate. Article

🦍 Conservation Guide News‍

Will wrote about an article for both the school strikers and their critics: 9 Reasons Why the School Strike for Climate Works, and Why We Must Listen. Article

We also wrote an article detailing the our new quality requirements for projects. Article

A caterpillar munching through a leaf. (Photo: Filippo Guerra / Project Noah)

πŸ‘€ Media‍‍

How do beavers prevent wildfires? Video

Macro portrait of a wolf spider. Image

Watch this frogfish lure its prey. Video

Researcher Dr. Regina Eiser was attempting to learn whether these orcas eat toothfish when the young whale approached her & opened its mouth to reveal a partially eaten toothfish. Video

The estuarine stonefish, one of the most venomous known fish in the world. Image

Caterpillar munching its way through a leaf. Image

A crocodile swimming with sharks. Video

Hammerhead xray. Image

Purple black flying squid. Video

What’s a numbat? Video

β€πŸ¦‘ Learn Something‍

What it’s like to study a biodiversity conservation degree at Oxford. Article

How do sea snakes drink? They sip rainwater from the sea’s surface. Article

Free may be the only thing that saves us from climate change. Article

Climate change isn’t the first existential threat. Article

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End fracking for good. Petition

End the Cage Age of intensively farmed animals. Petition




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