Transparent fees and pricing

We aim to be as open and transparent as possible about how we do business.

Organisations pay a sales commission

On any sale that gets made through the platform, we charge a standard commission to the organisation that listed it.

This commission is paid by the organisation, not the conservationist, and is in line with most standard agent fees.

This means that all prices on the platform are the same as buying direct from the organisation.

How it works:

An organisation lists their experience on Conservation Guide for free

You purchase an experience on the site


You pay a 10% deposit to Conservation Guide and we keep this as our commission


Organisation arranges payment of the remaining 90% directly with you

Are we for profit?

Yes, we are for profit

We believe we can best help the environment and conservationists around the world by operating as a for-profit business.

However, we are committed to providing everyone on the site with high quality experiences, great value for money, amazing features, and fair and ethical treatment.

How are we funded?

Personal and private investments

Conservation Guide has mainly been funded by personal contributions from the founders, Justin & Will.

In January 2018, we won $18,000 in convertible equity seed investment from global coworking startup Wework as a prize for winning their annual Creator Awards.