Coral Reef Conservation UK: Part One

The London Family Aiming To Build The Largest Land Based Coral Farm In The Indian Ocean

The Seath Family
Coral Reef Conservation UK

The Principal Characters:

Karolina – Mum / Wife / Endless supporter / Brilliant organizer / Eye for detail

Barry – Dad / Husband / Hard worker and always searching….

Georgina – Eldest Daughter / Big Sister / Sensitive / Caring / Sporty

Josephine – Youngest Daughter / Little Sister / Extrovert / Actress / Boundless Energy

Escaping the Rat Race

After many years living and working in London, Karolina and I decided there had to be more to life than the usual 9-5 routine and working hard just to get by. We had both been lucky enough to experience some of the wonders the world but apart from the odd 2-week holiday each year, our children had only ever known City living. That endless merry-go-round of school, clubs, trips to the cinema or shopping centre and the occasional weekend trip to the countryside. We wanted to give our children more and let them experience what this world really has to offer. Some would call it a mid-life crisis but whatever label you may choose to give it, having made the decision, the feeling of liberation and limitless opportunities is profound.

Moyenne Island, The worlds smallest National Park

After making this momentous decision, there followed 2 years of searching for the right cause. We didn’t know exactly what we were looking for, but we knew we would know it when we saw it. On the really important decisions in life, we have both always acted on impulse. (When I first met Karolina on a weekend trip to Warsaw, I phoned my best friend on my arrival back at Heathrow, to let him know to pick out a suit, as I had met my future wife. When buying our first flat and first house, we knew instantly it was right for us and put in an offer before we had even finished the first viewing). Our instincts have always served us well and we have learnt to trust them.

We were looking for an opportunity where we could make a real positive difference to one of the world’s environmental issues. We were also desperate to give our daughters the experience and awareness of just what this great world of ours has to offer. We had no formal conservation experience or education but did have boundless energy and enthusiasm. After lots of ideas and dead-ends, we finally found what we were looking for.

Georgina Seath near the location for the new Coral farm

The Problem

Our coral reefs are dying at an alarming rate – even faster than the destruction of our rain forests. These coral reefs are vital feeding grounds and nurseries for 25% of all the fish in the sea. Without coral reefs, the life in our oceans will be decimated. The best coastal barrier is a healthy coral reef. It will stop 97% of all wave energy before it hits the coast. And a coral reef costs nothing to maintain and adds to the local economy, by attracting divers and tourists. Despite this and many other reasons, our coral reef are being destroyed at a terrible rate. Over 50% have already been lost in the last 30 years and if nothing is done, it is estimated that 90% will have been destroyed by the time our children are our age. And the biggest killer of coral reefs? Global warming. The rising sea temperatures results in corals losing their main source of food and starving to death. This is referred to as ‘Coral Bleaching’ as the corals turn white as they starve.

And what we found next was truly horrifying. There is just one large scale land based coral farm in the world. This was built in Australia on the Great Barrier Reef and was launched late in 2019.

Check out next weeks article to find out why a land based coral farm is so important and the difference it can make.

Gerogina & Joshephine Seath, Seychelles


If you can't wait for next weeks feature to drop, find out more information about the Seath Family and Coral Reef Conservation UK here.

Check out their Social media profiles and give them a follow on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

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