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Lockdown & Virtual Conservation Internships with GVI

GVI tell us a little about lockdown life is like running a conservation project and news of their new virtual internships!

Annabel du Preez
Partner Manager

How long has your organisation been running for?

GVI have been around for 20 years and are dedicated to protecting the natural habitats of animals and endeavour to contribute to animal conservation activities. We believe that conservation and the community go hand-in-hand. We are committed to educating local and global communities about the impacts of their actions on specific habitats, unique species, and the planet as a whole. 

In March we released our new Virtual Internships. We offer these online virtual internships inline with the following focuses: 

What conservation challenges do the internships seek to address?

Depending on the focus of the internship you select, each will addresses a different challenge. 

You could learn about driving forces behind the decline of wildlife biodiversity, and explore case studies illustrating bold and innovative approaches to global wildlife conservation issues or  take a look at the forces behind the decline of marine biodiversity, and explore case studies illustrating bold and innovative approaches to global ocean issues. The opportunities are endless, case examples are drawn from government entities to NGOs, and from social enterprises to community-based organisations. 

Don’t let the current global reality stop you. Get started today and make a living out of something you’re truly passionate about.

What are the major challenges presented by the current lockdown crisis?

The largest challenge during this lockdown crisis is the fact that international travel is banned and so we have not been able to accept volunteers onto our programs for quite some time. Although we have local staff members still in place doing daily project work with our project partners where allowed, we certainly miss having our large force of volunteers there with us! Given the current challenge, we have launched these incredible Virtual Internship opportunities which not only provide you with an opportunity to further your education and kick start your career in sustainable development but we are also able to continue engaging with our partners ensuring sustainability. 

It must be quiet on project without any volunteers, how are you keeping yourselves busy and entertained?

Other than the work that our local staff are able to do with local partners (which vary from  location to location depending on lockdown restrictions). Our teams globally are very busy running lectures, online webinars and masterclasses for our virtual interns! 

Whats the one thing you miss most about normal project life?

The biggest thing would be seeing our participants face to face, although these new virtual internship programs offer the opportunity to connect via online platforms with many participants and individuals globally! 

Once restrictions are lifted, do you think projects will operate differently in the future?

Health & safety has always been a top priority for GVI although, once things return back to normal we expect that regulations may force us to redefine our standards given the current pandemic. Rest assured that this is already something we have looked into! Other than this, of course the fact that we are offering our programs online and that you are able to work with project partners globally making an impact from the comfort of your home! 

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If you're interested in any of GVI's virtual internships click here

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