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Welcome to Conservation Guide

Hello everybody and welcome to Conservation Guide!

Justin Lennon
Conservation Guide

London, UK

This first blog post is just a little welcome to you all and will hopefully provide everyone with a brief insight into what we hope to achieve, here, at Conservation Guide. Whether you found us through Twitter, Facebook, Google or any other mystical portal of cyber travel, we would like to welcome you all to our site and hope you enjoy the features it has to offer. Whether you decide to read our blog, search our Conservation Guide map for projects or read our weekly newsletter, we will aim to keep you up to speed with all the latest news in the world of conservation.

Our primary objective here at Conservation Guide is to promote a greater worldwide conservation effort through increased professional and volunteer participation. We aim to provide an online forum of interaction, allowing for the exchange of expert advice and personal experiences to help guide the choices of prospective volunteers and conservationists of all experience levels.

Conservation Guide is creating a platform where conservation organisations are reviewed based on criteria that we believe to be imperative to the efficient and sustainable running of a conservation project. These criteria will be judged by the volunteers and staff members, past and present, who have taken part in these projects, allowing for an accurate and unbiased assessment of their view on project.

Conservation Guide hopes that this will allow for the complete transparency of project activities, giving future participants an insight into the running of the projects based on former volunteer and staff feedback. With this in mind, we hope that the Conservation Guide will become a useful tool for prospective conservationists allowing them to come to an educated decision on their project choice based on the insight provided by our organisation.

Once again, welcome to our new website and I hope you are all as happy as we are to be finally up and running after months of research, designing, programming and coding. It's great to see all the ideas we have had coming to fruition and like to thank everyone who helped with the designing and building of the Conservation Guide website.

Oh any before you go, please give us a like on our Facebook page or a follow on our Twitter page to become part of our community and keep up to date with the latest in the world of conservation.

Justin Lennon

Conservation Guide Founder

Photograph by Fredrick Kearney

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