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The Leafcutter

Cultivating conservation clippings from around the world

Justin Lennon
Conservation Guide

London, UK

Here at the conservation guide, we want to provide you with a snippet of the interesting goings on from the world of conservation. From funny videos of zombie cockroaches, turtles with algae mohicans or amphibians that closely resemble a penis, to current hard hitting conservation issues that effect our everyday lives, our aim is to make sure we cater for all our conservationists weird and wonderful environmental penchants.

To supply such an abundance of conservation news Will and I have been trawling the internet far and wide, week after week, compiling interesting articles and media that we think our conservation audience will enjoy. Ladies and gentlemen, we bring to you, our brand new conservation guide newsletter, The Leafcutter.

Photo by Black Pearl

Conservation cultivation

The leafcutter has been named after one of our planets most important and hard working creatures, The leafcutter ant. Leafcutter's are the farmers of the insect world, cultivating their own tasty fungus underground for the rest of the ant colony to enjoy. These ants travel hundreds of metres a day in search of luscious vegetation that provides the basis for their fungal garden which they prune and tender, safe in the knowledge that their soldier ant cousins are their to protect them. Leafcutters are able to carry clippings up to 50x their own body weight, the equivalent of a human carrying a medium sized van 😳

Now, although we do not possess the herculean strength required to carry a van our our backs, nor do we have the luxury of a team of security guards protecting our conservation guide office 24/7, we do however share other similarities with our insect friends, similarities that inspired the name our newsletter. Everyday our resident leafcutter, Will Morley, scours the internet, magazines, and newspapers looking for tasty conservation clippings that he thinks our colony of conservationists will enjoy. Will then prunes and tenders his clippings, synthesising them into our weekly conservation guide newsletter.

Join our colony

As our insect friends find strength in numbers we hope our Leafcutter newsletter can attract more environmentalists to our conservation colony. If there are any clippings that you think we are missing, or features that you would like to see, do let us know and we will do our best to cater for your requests.

If you would like to join the Leafcutter subscription list please click the ant image and scroll to the bottom of the page.... 🐜

We hope you’ve enjoyed the first 10 issues of our newsletter and we look forward to providing you with more conservation clippings from around the world.

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