New Features


Platform update v2.0

You probably noticed something different about Conservation Guide. Let's take a look at our new and improved platform...

Will Morley
CTO & Co-Founder
Conservation Guide

Amsterdam, NL

When we designed the original Conservation Guide two years ago, we were pretty green (literally) in terms of our design skills and how we wanted our product to evolve. With the benefit of practice, learning and - most importantly - listening to what you had to say, we've upgraded our platform to allow us to grow and deliver you new features with much less effort and much more pizzazz!

New features

 πŸ’» Updated User Interface (UI)

 πŸ“° Professional blog

 πŸŽŽ Improved product tour and company story

 πŸ’πŸ½ New Help Centre

 πŸ’¬ Live chat

New colours, new icons, new everything!

Updated UI

Dark UI

The main way we wanted to improve the site is by introducing a dark UI.

Dark UIs are typically found in media apps - e.g. Spotify or Netflix - and allow images and videos to stand out much more than on a conventional light interface. They also allow your eyes to rest easier as they are exposed to less bright light.

Images and videos now have a lot more pop and the platform feels far more professional.

In addition, we wanted using the site to feel like a mini-adventure, so we drew inspiration from deep sea diving, and stories such as Jules Verne, Jacques Cousteau, Blue Planet 2 and The Life Aquatic. We then translated this into the dark UI components and typography you see before you.

"Our goal is for your experience on the site to inspire you to find your next adventure."
Inspiration: earlier

Goodbye to green

Our research began with a simple yet obvious observation: almost every company linked to the environment uses green as a brand colour.

We're actively questing to bring a modern face to conservation and, in doing so, break the most obvious conventions.

Therefore, we ditched the tried and trusted (i.e. boring) green in favour of a sharp and intense turquoise inspired by bioluminescent creatures of the deep sea.

Before: that's a lotta green!
After: swish...

New typeface

By chance, as we were doing our redesign, a brilliant new typeface was recently released called Faune.

Inspired by old biology textbooks, evolutionary theory, and scientific illustrations, its organic, curvy, sometimes quirky letterforms allow us the perfect vocabulary to express our theory that:

"Technology and conservation can work together harmoniously."
Typographical beauty

Professional blog

Redesigning the site gave us an opportunity to revamp our news articles so that they look better and are easier to publish.

Our goal was to optimise the design for readability, while maintaining a high level of visual interest by offsetting the main text and making the images much more impactful.

Since moving our marketing site to Webflow, our news articles are also much easier for our team to add and update.


Improved product tour and company story

Our old site didn't exactly explain who we are or what we do very well - hopefully we've fixed that.

We went through an extensive User Experience (UX) research process to find out what people wanted to know about us and how to tell that in an effective way.

As a result, you can now find out much more useful information about Conservation Guide, our product and our mission. Some useful pages to check out:

Now with extra chameleons!

New Help Centre

Building a marketplace for quality conservation experiences is complicated, and we're not always going to get it right first time.

The new Help Centre allows you to:

We plan on building our FAQ over time with your questions so don't hesitate to let us know if something is missing.

Choose your weapon...

Live chat

Have any questions or suggestions? Found a cool animal fact?

Hit us up on the live chat button in the bottom right corner.

We're available for instant help weekdays from 9am to 5pm UK time.

Future plans

Our new platform and UI has the benefit of allowing us to add new features, pages and content quickly and easily.

Here's some plans for the near future:

πŸ’Ό Updated Privacy Policy and Terms for General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

✏️ Improved signup process

🐘 Live payments and bookings beta test

✌🏽 Cool website animations

Help us test and get rewarded

Want to get involved in testing new products and features on Conservation Guide?

Join our handy Testers mailing list and we'll let you know when we've got some sweet and spicy new features for you to try.

"We'll plant a tree for every piece of substantive feedback you give - good or bad!"

We hope you really enjoy the new site and it inspires you for your next adventure!

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