Under The Spotlight: Arshley Brian

Ugandan Wildlife Tour Guide Arhsley Brian tells us about his encourters with African wildlife and the importance of tree planting

Arshley Brian
Lead Guide
Sustainable Birding Company

In this weeks edition of Under The Spotlight we talk to Ugandan based Tour Guide Arhsley Brian. Arhsley works for the Sustainable Birding Company and specialises in Birding, Mammal, Reptile and Tree tours and is ready to make your Safari visit to either Uganda, Kenya or Rwanda a very memorable one.

Let's see what Arshely had to say as he went under the spotlight...πŸ”¦

What inspired you to get involved in conservation and the environment?

I grew up next to a national park where my dad worked as an interpretive guide and working with the Wildlife Conservation Society, i was always exposed to his work and hence the love for nature and conservation.

If you could change one thing to make a huge impact on the planet, what would it be?

I would emphasise tree planting by every living person on planet.

‍How would you convince the Donald Trumps of this world that biodiversity is important?

Well I would truly and honestly tell him how best we need to emphasise conservation in order for the next generation to also taste on the conserved glory.

What is your most memorable encounter with an animal or nature?

The first  happened in Lake Mburo when a young Deffasa water buck walked out of the thickets while we were bird watching and walked straight to me... It gave me time to even pull out my phone camera for a selfie with it.

The second one happened in Queen Elizabeth National Park when a huge elephant walked straight to my car and it didn't do any harm to us.

Who is your conservation role model?

His a local guide from Uganda by the names of Stephen Baboineki who has spread the tree planting gospel and his encouraged many others to plant as many trees as he can, he has also proclaimed the stopping of plastic litres.‍


You can find Arshley at the following links;





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