Under the spotlight: Dr Adam Barlow

Dr Adam Barlow of WildTeamUK goes under the spotlight

Adam Barlow
Executive Director

To kick start our new blog we are talking to conservation professionals around the world to find out what inspired them to get involved in conservation and the environment.

In this weeks feature of 'Under the Spotlight' we talk to Dr Adam Barlow, Executive Director of the conservation skill development platform, WildTeam. Adam has a PhD in Conservation Biology and 15 years experience designing, coordinating, funding, and implementing conservation projects across Asia. He specialises in building the capacity of teams to plan, implement, monitor, and report on conservation projects.

Lets see what Adam said as he went, under the spotlight..🔦

"I would empower everyone with the skills they need to save the wildlife they love."

What inspired you to get involved in conservation and the environment?

I got dragged onto a sea turtle project in Greece that I did not really want to go on. Sitting behind a sea turtle watching her lay eggs into the hole she had dug in the sand, I realised that I wanted to do this kind of thing for the rest of my life.

If you could change one thing to make a huge impact on the planet, what would it be?

I would empower everyone with the skills they need to save the wildlife they love.

What needs to be improved in the conservation industry?

As conservationists know all about the wildlife we care so passionately about, but we don't have all the skills we need to make a difference. Most of our work involves designing, managing, and monitoring projects, changing people's behaviour, and fundraising but all we have ever been taught is how to count animals and male fancy looking maps (both fun to do and informative, but not something that in itself will make any difference).

Do you have a memorable encounter with nature/animal?

Running away from a bull elephant. Fleeing from an angry tiger. Hiding up a tree to get away from a charging rhino.

Conservation role model?

I do not have a role model really but I have learnt a hell of a lot from people like Chuck McDougal (International Trust for Wildlife Conservation), Dave Smith (University of Minnesota), Anwarul Islam (WildTeam Bangladesh), and Christina Barlow (WildTeam UK).


WildTeam is an awesome UK charity helping conservationists develop their skills. They seek out and develop game-changing solutions that improve the way conservation projects are designed and run. They then parcel them up in engaging ways, tailored especially for conservationists. WildTeam make these available to conservationists around the world through interactive online conservation courses, classroom training, and by working together with conservation teams.

Check out WildTeam and Adam at the links below:



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