Conservation Guide wins Wework investment

Ecostartup wins £13,000 from Wework to create globally connected volunteering platform

Will Morley
CTO & Co-Founder
Conservation Guide

Amsterdam, NL

Friday 15/09/2017

Eco-startup Conservation Guide took home $18,000 (£13,000) in seed investment from Wework at the Creator Awards London, held on Thursday 14th September 2017.

The prize money will allow the company to step up development of their online platform, which allows volunteers to find, review & book conservation projects in a global, transparent marketplace.

CEO Justin Lennon said, “Investment from Wework is a huge step on our road to creating a transparent, globally connected conservation community where anyone can participate in saving the environment.

The award will enable us to dedicate ourselves full time to Conservation Guide, adding more features, improving the experience and fuelling growth, as well as give us a strong seal of approval for seeking further investment.”

Conservation Guide were one of 35 finalists picked from over 1,000 applications, competing for a portion of over £1m of total prize money.

The Wework Creator Awards is an annual competition rewarding entrepreneurs, artists, startups, and nonprofits who are thinking in new ways and creating real change.

Conservation Guide is based in Wework London & Amsterdam.

Conservation Guide

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