How do I book an experience on Conservation Guide?

Once you've decided to book an experience on Conservation Guide you can start the application process.

This is split into five easy steps:

  1. You send your application via Conservation Guide
  2. Organisation reviews your application and documents
  3. Organisation accepts your application
  4. You pay your deposit via Conservation Guide
  5. You complete payment for the experience directly with the organisation

1. Sending your application

On the project page, if booking via Conservation Guide is available, you can choose the dates you wish to apply for and/or your length of stay.

Different experiences have different booking rules, for example: one experience may only start on specific days of the week, whereas another may allow you to choose any start and end date. Read the full description of the project for details.

In this example, we'll cover an experience that starts on a specific day and is booked in blocks of one week:

How to select your start dates and length of stay on Conservation Guide
How to select your start dates and length of stay

After you hit the 'Apply Now' button, you'll be taken to the Cart page. On the Cart page, you can check the order details and view the total deposit payable on Conservation Guide if your application is successful - you don't need to pay anything yet though!:

Next is the Checkout page, which allows you to view all the order details again, the total deposit amount, plus the total to pay to the organisation after the deposit has been paid. On this page, you also add your billing information that will help us and the organisation process your application. Please note that a phone number is required by many organisations.

Once you've sent your application, you'l see the Order Received screen, which confirms we and the organisation have received your application.

2. Application review & 3. Acceptance

The organisation will then contact you about the next steps in approving your application. This will vary depending on the organisation, but may involve a Skype interview or similar, and you may need to send them some documents to prove you meet the requirements to participate in the experience, e.g. passport, proof of insurance & flights, etc.

This process currently takes place outside of the Conservation Guide platform, but we plan to add more features eventually that will bring the process onto the platform and allow you to track your progress.

4. Pay deposit via Conservation Guide

Once the application process is complete and you have been accepted, you'll receive an email confirmation with a link to complete your deposit payment:

Click the big Pay Now button!

Once you click the Pay Now button you'll go to the Checkout page again to finalise payment:

Enter your card details and complete payment as follows. You can also chose a saved card if you've booked with us before. You can pay using any major credit or debit card:

You will also receive an email confirmation and receipt which looks like this:

5. Complete payment with organisation

Now that your deposit is paid and your experience is booked, you can arrange the rest of the payment for the experience with the organisation directly. They may accept a variety of methods but it's always best to check with them which one is best.

Any questions or problems? Don't hesitate to talk to us via the live chat button or contact us.