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Seychelles Sea Turtles & Lemon Shark Research & Conservation Short Term Internship

Investigate and study two of the most renowned marine species in the world, while on Curieuse Island, in Seychelles.

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This project focuses on the preservation of both the lemon sharks and turtles on the island. The majority of work will be done on the beaches and in the mangroves, where you will get the chance to learn and practice various field techniques which vary between the projects.

Partake in our lemon shark catch and release program. Track down shark pups in order to gather valuable data pertaining to population and growth rates on the elusive under studied species. Our sea turtles conservation efforts will centre around studying the nesting success and habits of both Hawksbill and Green turtles on the island. Collect and collate information such as tag numbers, carapace (shell) measurements and number of eggs laid, or carry out nest evacuations to measure hatching success rates.

Highlights Include:

  • Living on a remote and stunningly beautiful national park on islands that most only dream of visiting (if they have even heard of them at all)
  • Working alongside knowledgeable and dedicated national partners provides invaluable insight into the life and work of conservationists
  • Joining in on the work being done helps individual volunteers gain both hard and soft skills essential to research development and data collection.
  • Climbing into a Coco de Mer palm to gain stunning views out over the bay
  • Exploring the diversity of the island and discovering the diverse birds that inhabit the area, taking in the beauty of the mangroves around the island, and snorkeling among the crystal clear water taking in the unique and fragile underwater ecosystems.

Time Commitment

Project work is 5 days a week

Active Periods

January, February, March, August, September, October, November (Seasonal)


Work and Activities Description

Typical Day

Free Time Activities

In your down time you will be free to travel in the local area and can expect one or two free days per week, usually at weekends. In this time you could explore the islands of Praslin or La Digue, visit the capital of Mahé, Victoria (although the ferry to Mahe is relatively expensive), visit local beaches, snorkel or just relax on base. Before and after your program you could spend a little more time in the Seychelles on the close-by islands of Praslin and La Digue, or join a charter to sail even further afield. Please allow several days if you hope to travel between islands, there are over 100 in the archipelago but getting around takes time – the possibilities are endless!



Accommodation Options

Mixed dorm with a shared bathroom

Accommodation Description

Accommodation is in shared (mixed sex) dorm rooms. There is cold running water available for showers and bottled water available for drinking. Bathroom facilities are shared, and participants also share base duties, including cleaning and other chores.


Facilities Description



Food & Drink

Participants take it in turns to prepare meals for the group. Food is basic but nutritious, and primarily vegetarian with optional fish or meat available no more than once or twice a week. Breakfast could be porridge with fresh fruit, or occasionally pancakes or cereal, lunch and evening meals may include pasta, beans, rice, fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, etc.

Internet Access

Participants mostly use internet cafe’s to keep in touch with access to internet about once a week.

Phone Signal

You will have access to long distance communications whilst on the program, but make sure friends and family know how often they can expect to hear from you. Local SIM cards and pay-as-you-go credit can be bought affordably in the Seychelles and the signal is good in most areas. Contact your mobile/cell phone provider for more information before travelling.

Nearest Facilities

The nearest emergency medical facilities are located in Victoria on Mahé island, 25 miles (40km) from the Cap Ternay expedition base. GVI staff are trained in first aid, and during your training you will receive First Aid training. First aid kits are provided on base and in boats/vehicles, and oxygen is available in the event of a diving emergency. It is important to note that Curiuese is only accessible by boat.

Airport Pickup

Provided, more details to be provided upon confirmation


Language Requirements


Document Requirements

Passport, Criminal Background check, Medical form

Nationality Requirements

Qualification Requirements

Medical Requirements

Doctors note must be signed if you have any illnesses to declare

Other Requirements

This program only runs from late August to March to coincide with the lemon shark pupping season and Hawksbill nesting season. All participants need to arrive in country at least one day before the expedition start date. This is a physically demanding project so participants are required to have a good level of fitness.

Recommended Gear

Kit list will be sent across at time of confirmation

Included Services

Before Journey Services / Support

Once you have confirmed your spot on this program, you will be allocated to a dedicated program expert who will assist you as you prepare for your program.

On-Site Support

Project staff on base who facilitate the project, run training’s & assist with any additional health & safety needs if required. 24 Hour emergency phone. Please ask your program expert for more information.


Pricing Breakdown

You will be given the option to pay in instalments for an Instalment Fee of £125 per booking. If you select this Instalment Fee option, a non-refundable deposit payment of £350 is due within 48 hours of notice of acceptance onto the program, 50% of the balance will fall due 16 weeks before departure and the remaining 50% of the balance will fall due 12 weeks before departure. If you the Participant cancel this agreement, the Participant shall not be entitled to a refund of any monies paid.

If you do not select the Instalment Fee option, the full cost of your booking is due within 48 hours of notice of acceptance onto the program. If you the Participant cancel this agreement more than 16 weeks prior to departure, the Participant shall be entitled to a refund of the full amount paid minus £350.

If you the Participant cancel this agreement between 16 and 12 weeks prior to departure, the Participant shall be entitled to a refund of 60% of the full amount paid. If you the Participant cancel this agreement less than 12 weeks prior to departure, the Participant shall be entitled to a refund of £100.

Not Included in Price

  • Additional drinks and gratuities
  • Airport transfers
  • Extra local excursions
  • Flights
  • International and domestic airport taxes
  • Medical and travel insurance
  • Personal items and toiletries
  • Police or background check
  • Visa costs (where necessary)

Reviews & Ratings

I am definitely going back







Last year I went to the Seychelles for thee weeks and did two weeks of volunteering with GVI on Curieuse Island. As I have been diving for 18 years now, I have an immense fascination with the ocean. Working with the sharks was by far my favourite thing. Also sleeping with the door open and hearing the ocean the whole night. It was so awesome that I am going back in November and hopefully dragging my brother with me!

Review by:

Amber Sheffers

An Experience Like No Other







I completed the short term conservation internship on Curieuse Island from September-December 2019. It was truly an amazing experience filled with hands-on work. While I was there the pupping season for sickle-fin lemon sharks began as well as the peak season for hawksbill sea turtle nesting. I highly recommend you research and ask a staff member about what surveys/peak times are when to make sure you’re there for the activity you want to do the most if you have a specific interest. Another nice part about the internship program is that you become ILM certified and are able to take volunteers on surveys such as beach and mangrove cleans! Also, a highlight for me was having the opportunity to conduct my own research project as part of the internship program. I dissected and identified the stomach contents of the invasive rat species on the island to predict their impact on Curieuse’s ecosystem as well as what the completion of the current eradication project will have on the island’s ecosystem. You don’t need to know what you want to research before you arrive you can wait until you’re there to become inspired but if you have ideas ahead of time that’s great too! The staff are very knowledgeable, passionate, and welcoming along with the rangers (the only other people on the island other than GVI and some tourists during week days) and are some of the people I keep in touch with most today. As an intern you will stay in the same mixed dorm as other interns and volunteers. You definitely need a bug net for your bed (the box shaped ones are best because they provide a lot more room) and I also would recommend ear plugs since it is a tin roof when it pours rain it is very loud and as enjoyable as the sounds of the ocean are the waves can also become very noisy. There is running water but the showers are cold which I personally appreciated very much after a day of hiking in the hot sun I definitely did not need hot water. The hikes are very tiring but you become very in shape and the more you do them the easier they get! The climate is very very humid so keep this in mind when packing. I’d recommend only bringing quick dry clothes (aside from maybe a sweater or two) and towels because otherwise they will never dry and may become moldy. Also be mindful when packing electronics. My iPhone didn’t experience any damage but my Mac Laptop that I had brought for movies on the plane and for researching when there stopped working due to water damage caused by the humidity. The food is good but do make note that we are on an island with no grocery stores so when making a grocery trip to another island there is sometimes limited supplies leading to a lot of dried goods being purchased such as pastas, oats, and canned foods (you are also able to purchase your own snack, drinks, alcohol, etc.). If you think the island life is right for you then I very highly recommend this internship. It was truly an experience like no other and I made friends from all different countries, backgrounds, and ages, that I am still in touch with now and plan to be for a very long time!

Review by:

Caroline O'Connor

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