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Merazonia is a dynamic wildlife rescue and rehabilitation centre located on 250 acres of Amazon rainforest, near Mera, Ecuador, South America. We combine passion for nature with a professional approach on animal care and release, along with rainforest conservation and wildlife monitoring. Volunteers help us in the day to day care of the wildlife.

Skills & Experience Acquired

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Time Commitment

Active Periods

All year round


Work and Activities Description

Wildlife care, Life enrichment projects, Park maintenance.

Typical Day

Animal care is rewarding work but certainly not a picnic in the park. We feed the animals three times per day. The feeding rounds take between 2 to 3 hours each time. In the morning, we gather at 7:30 a.m. to prepare the animals’ food, and then we divide into groups to clean different animal enclosures and feed the animals. At 10 a.m. we take an hour for breakfast and then get ready for the rest of the day. Some people will feed the parrots while others are on projects such as animal life enrichment or general park maintenance. Everyone has a chore, for example: cleaning the animal food bodega or the human kitchen. Lunch is around 1:30 p.m. We gather to feed the mammals again at 3 p.m., after which there is time to hang out with other volunteers, enjoy the scenery, swim at the waterfall or river, or relax in a hammock. Volunteers work five and a half days per week, alternating free days. Sundays are so called ‘lazy Sundays’ in which we feed the animals only once a day and do chores, but no other work is done, leaving plenty of time to relax or enjoy the surroundings. If there are enough volunteers, we have an activity day once a week, alternating working together on a project in the centre or doing something fun or cultural in the centre or the area.

Free Time Activities

Mera is located where the Andes meet the Amazon. The World Wildlife Fund has called the area from Baños to Mera, “A Gift to the Earth” because of its beauty and biological importance to the region. The town borders the Pastaza River Valley between the national parks Sangay and Llanganates that provide an important biological corridor linking the two protected areas. Jungle village Mera itself is a small and friendly jungle village nestled amid mountains, rivers, and rainforest. Sharing a beer with a friendly villager can be as charming as the abundant nature. Surrounding Mera there are caves to explore, rivers to swim in and hikes to venture on. Baños Many volunteers spend their free days in Baños, dubbed ‘a slice of heaven on earth’ for its stunning beauty and relaxing ambience. This town at an hour from Mera has a friendly feel to it with many restaurants, coffee shops and bars. But it also offers a lot of activities like: warm water springs, bike rides, canyoning, rafting and zip lining.



Accommodation Options

Mixed dorm, cabins

Accommodation Description

The accommodation is jungle based: We dormitory style rooms and a few cabins. People staying the longest usually get the chance to move to a cabin if available.


Dorm, volunteer house, kitchen, hot showers, communal area, fire place, hammocks

Facilities Description

We have a new, fully equipped kitchen (gas for cookers, oven, fresh drinkable water) and hot showers. There is no electricity at Merazonia. The generator is normally used for a few hours twice a week so people can charge phone batteries. etc. The closest internet access is in the town of Mera. Many volunteers buy an Ecuadorian phone chip that comes with internet data and unlimited access to WhatsApp. We have dry toilets and offer a fully equipped house down the road for free days and wifi.


We have 4 to 5 permanent staff members from Ecuador, the UK and The Netherlands, covering general manager, veterinarian, biologist, volunteer coordinator and assistant.


We form our own small community in the jungle. We have protocol in place in case of emergencies. The access road borders Merazonia. From there it is a 10 minute ride to Mera and 15 minutes to Shell, where a German run clinic is located.

Food & Drink

Usually volunteers will cook their own breakfasts (porridge, eggs, toast, pancakes, fruit etc), and make their own lunches as well (we usually have on hand supplies for sandwiches, omelettes, pasta etc.). Volunteers take turns in groups cooking a communal dinner. Food is mostly vegetarian and there usually is also a vegan option. Luxury products such as candy, soda, alcohol and soap are not includes in the fees.

Internet Access

Volunteers but phone chips to have internet access via data. This works very well in the jungle. Wifi only available in the town of Mera or at our office house down the road.

Phone Signal


Nearest Facilities

German run clinic at 15 minutes in Shell Hospital at 25 minutes in Puyo 10 minutes to Mera for shops 1 hour to Banos for tourist activities, restaurants and bars

Airport Pickup

The closest international airport is in Quito. Guayaquil is also an option. The south bound bus terminal in Quito is called Quitumbe and about a 40 minute taxi ride out of city centre (about $10 to $15). From Quitumbe, the town of Mera is a four and a half hour bus ride (about $7). Any bus towards Puyo or Macas passes by Mera. There is no bus terminal in Mera. You will have to get off the bus at Mera’s main square, bordering the main road to Puyo. From here, you can take a local taxi called Transmera, which will take you up to the entrance of Merazonia for $5. Transmeras go all day until roughly about 8 p.m. Note that the sun sets around 6.30 p.m. here. If you are coming straight from Quito, we recommend leaving between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. in order to get here during daylight hours. The San Francisco bus company has most frequent busses. Other companies include: Expreso Baños, Pelileo, Amazonas, among others. Alternatively, you can break up your trip in Baños at only one hour from Mera.


Language Requirements

Basic knowledge of English and/or Spanish required

Document Requirements

Valid passport of min 6 months

Nationality Requirements

All nationalities

Qualification Requirements

No qualifications needed but we take interest and skills into account

Medical Requirements

We need to be notified beforehand about pre existing medical conditions

Other Requirements

Basic level of fitness

Recommended Gear

In the meta sense, flexibility, a sense of humor, and a love for animals and the outdoors. We also recommend that you bring biodegradable shampoo and soap, rain gear, clothing that you can layer (as it becomes chilly during the evenings) and you do not mind getting dirty. A headlamp or flashlight is also vital, ideally with a red light option for working with night animals. Volunteers tell us to bring extra socks and a powerbank to charge your phone on if needed. We have plenty of warm blankets and bedding, so you will not need a sleeping bag. We provide rubber boots up to EU size 46, (US 12-13), you will have to bring your own if that is too small.

Included Services

Before Journey Services / Support

Open to any answer any question o address any concern. Putting people in contact with ex volunteers for inside information.

On-Site Support

We assist people with anything they need, such as: getting a phone chip, assisting them to a clinic, travel recommendations, laundry options.


Pricing Breakdown

Currently the volunteer fees are: $150 per week for week 1 and 2; $130 per week for week 3 to 6; $95 per week after 6 weeks. These fees include: accommodation and food (excluding things such as tooth paste, candy, fizzy drinks etc.), boots (up to EU size 46), fresh sheets, blankets, hot showers.

Not Included in Price

Transport Insurance Luxury products (candy, soda, alcohol, soap)

Reviews & Ratings

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