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Kick-starter online training for Early Career Conservationists

Get your career on track with the Kick-starter online training for Early Career Conservationists

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Whether you’re at university and planning your next steps, a graduate in the job hunt or working in an unrelated job but interested to switch into conservation, this course is designed to help you. With wildlife in crisis all around the world and numbers of threatened species at an all-time high, the natural world needs your help. The good news is there are a growing number of jobs available in conservation – it’s become a professional industry requiring a diverse and growing range of skill sets. The bad news is it’s more competitive than ever before, with 92% of conservationists confirming that it’s become tougher to get a job in the last decade alone. This unique online course has been designed to increase your chances of success, and is being specially organised and run by Conservation Careers. Who is the course designed for? The course is designed for early-career conservationists. This includes under-graduates, graduates (inc. Masters and PhD students), along with people looking to switch into conservation from a totally different sector. If you want to start working in wildlife conservation, or just would like to know more about what’s involved, this is the course for you.

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The Conservation Industry In this first module you’ll get an overview of the rapidly growing sector, the main employer types, top employers, and different job types. You will also learn which jobs are most popular, abundant and where the biggest opportunities lie. Finally, we’ll also look at industry trends. Your practical task is to complete an Employer Decision Matrix. Self-Assessment During this module you’ll better understand yourself, to identify the job(s) which are going to be best suited to you. This gives you the best chances of success – because having a niche is key today to being competitive. In this session you’ll explore different important aspects of what makes you, you. Through some structured self-reflection you’ll learn some important lessons for your career planning and job hunt. You’ll then work through two tasks: (i) Identify your flow patterns, and (ii) Identify your favourite knowledges. Finding Your Niche This is an important session which lays the foundations for a successful job hunt. By now you’ll have learnt a lot about yourself during the self-reflection which you can use to help identify the right career path for you. In this module you’re going to give your ideal job a name. You’ll be lead through several practical tasks in this module. FB Live - Q&A and Catch up A chance to pause and catch your breath, and ask any questions you might have or go deeper into areas you want to explore more. Getting Ready This week we’ll help you to figure out what skills, education and experiences you’ll need to get your chosen role(s). By now you have a clearer idea of the job you’d like to aim for having undertaken the exercises outlined in the earlier modules. You may have also asked for help to answer some specific questions you may have had. Now it’s time to get tooled-up for your chosen career. We also cover a detailed review of how to find and monitor jobs online; stopping your dream job from slipping you by.

Typical Day

There are two tasks, each taking about an hour. The first is setting up your monitoring of jobs online using job boards, employer sites, Google Alerts, Twitter and LinkedIn. The second is a review of your chosen job niche to identify the gaps in your experience, education and knowledge and to form a plan for how to fill them. How to apply for a conservation job SO many people mess up at the application stage … We’re here to help you stand out from the crowd and put in killer applications designed to get you to interview. In order to do so, in this module you’ll learn (i) The importance of Evidence, and be guided through our unique (ii) Ten steps to apply for a conservation job. There are two tasks this week. In the first one you’ll practice how to find and present evidence which you’ll use to build effective applications. In the second you’ll share your CV in the Facebook group, and take (aka steal!) good ideas from other members of your group. Being great at interviews This week we’ll cover all the key aspects of preparing for, and delivering, a great interview. This includes: Competency-based interviews, Questions and answers, The big day, Interview nerves, Skype & phone interviews & Practice interviews. The task is to practice preparing answers for an interview. Top Tips in your Conservation Job Hunt This is the final module in the series and is a compilation advice to help you in your job hunt and beyond. We’ll cover important topics and themes that will help to increase your chances of career success in the conservation sector. Course ends Everyone who completed the course receives a certificate.

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The cost for the course is just £195 and includes a year’s membership of the Conservation Careers Academy (worth £40). If you already have a membership of the site we will move you to this new membership. We believe the course will save you huge amounts of time and money and get you hired quicker.
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